Services for Our Customers:

INTERCREWING LTD provides experienced, qualified Officers and Ratings  - from a single seafarer to entire crew - for all types of vessels. Our philosophy is to provide the best crew members who embrace wholeheartedly our Customers' spirit of teamwork and dedication to excellence, allowing for the operational efficiency of their ships.


All the services we offer are implemented with a high degree of professionalism, careful follow-up and close communication with our Customers to ensure that their company standards are being met.


We have a well-trained team of professionals which enable us to serve our Customers with an in depth knowledge and expertise offering very competitive rates. We are dedicated to providing quality services under very short deadlines. Seafarers' joining formalities and repatriation; their welfare as well as general administration and supervision are attended to by our knowledgeable staff to ensure smooth crew changes at all times.

Our Services:

  • A full spectrum of crewing and crew management related services

  • HR support services

  • Competence management

  • Training and career development

  • Visa & documentation processing services

  • Management of subcontractors

  • Incorporated marine travel services in all time zones

  • Payroll and wage administration

It is our policy to recruit crew who are experienced and certified accordingly.


Full crew




Office staff for the marine industry